Deck the Halls: Designing Festive Christmas Planters for the Holidays

Hello fellow plant enthusiasts! With the holiday season just around the corner, it's time to infuse some festive cheer into our outdoor spaces. What better way to do that than by designing dazzling Christmas planters that will make your home the talk of the neighborhood? Whether you're a seasoned green thumb or a novice gardener, we've got the perfect guide to help you spruce up your outdoor decor for the holidays.


1. The Basics: Building a Solid Foundation

Just like any successful project, a great holiday planter starts with a strong foundation. Begin with a well-chosen container – we are using the Vita 22” Cube 2-pack. It’s made of weather-resistant vinyl that holds up against harsh winters, and it's large enough to accommodate a variety of plants and decorations. Trust me; if you’re going for that wow factor, size matters in the world of holiday planters. But of course, this guide applies to any size planter, big or small.

A grey vinyl planter box outside of a brick house

Next, you’ll need to fill your container with soil. Any potting mix or topsoil will work. If you are using a large container, try inserting an overturned plastic pot or any other objects into the bottom to take up space and save on soil.


2. Design Distinction: Creating a Focal Point

The key to creating a great planter is incorporating different heights and points of interest within the design. Birch sticks are popular in Christmas planters to add height and volume, while the white color offsets all of the greenery you’ll add in next. Insert the branches deep into the soil, slightly back from the center. These will serve as the centerpiece for your arrangement.

A person inserting two birch sticks into a plater filled with soil

3. Evergreen Elegance: Choose Your Foliage

What's a Christmas planter without the quintessential evergreens? Consider spruce, pine, or cedar branches to provide a lush, green backdrop. These beauties not only symbolize the season but also serve as the perfect canvas for your festive creativity. Don't be afraid to mix different types of evergreens for added texture and depth. Start with the hardiest boughs first, like spruce or fir. You will only need two or three large branches to fill in a nice backdrop.

A person arranging winter greenery in a planter box

Then, start adding additional boughs to add structure to the front of the arrangement. Begin with the next hardiest boughs (for us, this was the pine), then layer in your drapey greens that have movement and shape (like cedar).

A person kneeling in front of a house between two large planter boxes, arranging winter greenery in a planter

4. Texture Play: Integrate Varied Elements

Texture is the secret ingredient to a visually appealing Christmas planter. Experiment with different textures by adding elements like magnolia leaves, eucalyptus sprigs, or variegated boxwood. These unexpected touches not only add depth but also create a more dynamic and visually interesting arrangement.

A person inserting magnolia leaves into a winter planter arrangement

5. Burst of Color: Introducing Vibrant Accents

Now that you've got your greenery sorted, it's time to add some pops of color. Red and gold are classic Christmas hues, so think about incorporating red-berried holly branches, vibrant winterberry, or even some ornamental red twigs. If you want to take it up a notch, include gold-painted pinecones or decorative baubles for that extra festive flair.

Close-up image of a bunch of magnolia leaves and some springs with red berries

6. The Showstopper: A Statement Centerpiece

Every Christmas planter needs a showstopper – a focal point that steals the spotlight. This could be a beautifully adorned miniature Christmas tree, a festive lantern, or even an eye-catching bow. We use a grouping of pinecones to act as a centerpiece. Let your creativity shine and choose something that resonates with your personal holiday style.


7. Personal Touch: Tailor to Your Taste

Lastly, don't hesitate to add a personal touch to your Christmas planter. Whether it's a small figurine, a handmade ornament, or even a monogrammed initial nestled within the foliage – let your planter reflect your unique style and personality.

A large grey planter box arranged with christmas greenery outside a front door, next to a wooden sign that reads "winter wonderland"

8. Twinkle, Twinkle: Don't Forget the Lights

No holiday planter is complete without a sprinkle of magic – and what better way to achieve that than with twinkling lights? Opt for battery-operated fairy lights or LED strands to weave through the greenery. As dusk falls, your Christmas planter will transform into a magical display that captures the enchantment of the season.


There you have it – a comprehensive guide to designing Christmas planters that will elevate your outdoor decor to new heights. So, grab your gardening gloves, unleash your creativity, and most importantly: have fun! Wishing you a merry, plant-filled holiday season!


Until next time,