Classic Vinyl

  • Classic white styling
  • Long product lifespan
  • BPA and Phthalate Free
  • 20 year warranty and maintenance free

Embossed Vinyl

  • Light and durable
  • Natural look of wood
  • BPA and Phthalate Free
  • 10 year warranty and maintenance free

Urbana Vinyl

  • Light and durable
  • BPA and Phthalate Free
  • Dual aesthetic boards allow you to choose between wood grain or brushed finish (certain collections).
  • 10 Year warranty and maintenance free

Cedar Wood

  • FSC Cedar wood
  • Food grade water based stain
  • Cedar contains natural preservatives that help it resist insects and decay
  • 1 year warranty and low maintenance
  • Natural Wood Grain Colour Variation (No item has the same grain colour, finish, or wood knots due to natural factors)

What We're Made Of

Pizza slice

If you have been around Vita long enough, you will have heard the story about a trellis arch being made in a neighbor’s pizza oven.

It’s true.

The culture from day one at Vita has always been about figuring it out and finding a way.

It’s this mindset that has seen Vita grow from a small company tucked away in South Western Ontario, Canada to a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of indoor and outdoor lifestyle products.

Roadsign to Sarnia

If there is one thing we have learned, it is you cannot do it alone.

If you want to succeed you have to partner with not only the right people, but good people.

People who don’t cut corners and have a high regard for transparency, integrity and social responsibility.

Recycling icons

We have partnered with our overseas factories to ensure all water used in our extrusion process is recycled and reused. Solar energy equipment has been installed to reduce dependence on thermal power and currently 15% of internally recycled plastic is being reused in our manufacturing. In the spirit of creating a people-first culture, we ensure all our partnering factories are regularly audited for health and safety and that all employees are working in a safe and positive work environment.

We have come a long way from the next-door neighbor’s pizza oven and we couldn't do it without our incredible manufacturing partners worldwide.


Tonax, Zhejiang, China

Lily has been working with us for 13 years on the production of our PVC products and Urbana collection.


Woodtech, Zhejiang, China

We are coming up on a decade of working with Leo at Woodtech. Their focus is mostly on the production of our hugely popular Urbana collection.


Green Sun, Guangdong, China

Ben at Green Sun works with us on producing some of our more specialist products. Most recently our award winning World Garden and self-watering Växa planters.


DU & ShengSheng, Fujian & Guangdong, China

For over 8 years Micheal has been helping us navigate our international manufacturing relationships with respect and integrity. He is also our “wood guy”. Overseeing the development of our Mezza collection and ever growing line of beautiful wooden products.