Growing a harvest in the midst of COVID-19

Since 2015, Vita has been supporting a small village in Rwanda called Kageyo.  It is a very remote village, about 5 hours drive from the nearest major city.

COVID-19 happened quickly and by March of last year, it shut Rwanda down so unexpectedly that many of the support team in the little village of Kageyo were sent home, and transportation was halted across the country. This meant that no food or supplies would be able to come into the village.  Being remote, Kageyo was unfortunately very low on the concern level for any support. Kageyo was potentially in a very desperate situation.

Fortunately our team member James (through our partner organization was able to stay in Kageyo. The time was crucial, as seeds needed to be planted prior to the rainy season ending (end of April 2020).  James decided the best approach was to build a huge community garden to support the community needs.

Between our partners in Austin, Texas and VITA, we were able to secure $1000 worth of seeds.  Through Africa New Life’s connections they were able to deliver these seeds to James who planted them just in time and are now currently harvesting the produce. The food being grown is high nutrient immune system-building food which will combat diseases, and not just empty calorie foods (corn and rice) which does little for supporting the immune system. 

James is also educating the village so they can one day be self-supported with their new knowledge of healthy food growing.  One more step to help Kageyo move away from poverty!

At VITA we are passionate about bringing life to you, the world around us, and our team.


Family during harvest