Here Comes January

Here comes January!


So, you’ve made it through the fall garden clean-up, and everything is put away for the winter.  The kids are off to school and the holiday season has come and gone. It’s now the long stretch between January and springtime and if you’re anything like me, this is the longest stretch of the year.   Here in Canada where the Vita team is located, we know that the stretch between January and May, when we can get back into the garden, can be a long (and cold) road so how does an enthusiastic gardener keep their hands in the dirt when there are piles of snow outside?  Indoor gardening!

When the winter season is starting to feel like it will never end, I jump in the car and head straight to my local greenhouse and garden center to recharge. There is something incredibly therapeutic about being able to change seasons just by walking through the front door. When the warmth and humidity of a garden center wraps around you like a warm hug you can’t help but feel positive and hopeful for spring.  One of my favorite past times is to queue up some music in my earphones to listen to while I sip a coffee and pretend, I’m walking around in a jungle.  And if you’re like me, one (or twelve) of those plants are going to end up coming home with you.


I know sometimes houseplants can be intimidating, but don’t be afraid to give them a try, they can be as easy or as complicated as you make it.  There is a world of plants out there to choose from and I promise no matter how black you think your thumb is, there is a houseplant that works for you.


So, let’s just keep things simple, shall we? Plants require two main things to thrive, light and water. Most plants prefer more light vs. less and most plants enjoy a big drink of water all at once rather than little sips over time.  Of course, there can be more to it, but if you keep these principles in mind, 90% of your job is already done.  The other 10% of the job is making sure your plant is in the right sized pot, choosing a healthy potting soil and providing proper drainage for the plant’s roots.


So how do you know if the plant has enough light? Most plants like “bright indirect light” and a simple way to tell if your plant is in the right spot is if your plant casts a shadow on your wall for at least 6 hours of the day then it’s probably getting enough light.  Sure, some plants need more light or less, but almost all will follow this general rule. Once your plant is in place, give it time to see how it reacts and be prepared to move your plant farther away or closer to the light if needed.






When it comes to watering, one of the main reasons your plant isn’t doing well, is because of over or under watering.  The best way to ensure your plant is getting just the right amount is by using a planter with a self-watering system like the Vaxa Self-Watering Planters. This style of planter is fantastic for beginner and expert houseplant parents alike as it takes all the guesswork out of watering for you! Just load up the reservoir with water and let the adorable leaf-shaped water-gauge tell you when the plant is thirsty again.


And if houseplants aren’t your thing, why not try a planter in your kitchen with some mixed salad greens or some fresh herbs? Don’t be afraid to try a few things, until you find the right fit for you.  With a little bit of knowledge and some trial and error you can have greenery in your life all year round.  And if you still don’t think you can keep a houseplant alive, but you love them anyway, put your best walking shoes on and grab your favorite coffee mug and hit up your local garden center for a little walk about and some plant exposure therapy!

Want to find the Vaxa Self-Watering Planters? Check out these helpful links and Happy (Indoor Gardening) from the Vita Team!


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