Our products come with pre-designed pieces that include our Locking Tab feature for secure installation and cutting or modifying your arbor will make your installation insecure.

Some of our arbors can be modified for a narrower installation if needed, please contact us if you have any questions about the best model for your design and space.

Most of our arbors come with ground mounting extensions included in the kit allowing for easy installation into the ground.

Some of our larger models may call for additional materials, like pressure treated wood to be inserted into the bottom of the posts prior to installation.

All additional materials are listed on the product pages for our kits if applicable and are sold separately.

Mounting an arbor or trellis on a patio or walkway surface is considered a modification that necessitates the use of an off-the-shelf mounting bracket which is sold separately at your local hardware store.

Please note: the Vita brand Bolt Down Bracket kit is not compatible with any of our arbor models and exclusively used for pergola installations.

Many of our kits use what we call "Locking Tabs" to keep parts secured in place. These are the small square indentations you may see in the vinyl where two separate parts will come together for an installation.

It is possible to uninstall two parts that are locked together by inserting a flathead screwdriver or putty knife into the shared space and pressing the locking tab down before you ease the parts away from each other. Pro Tip: vinyl is pretty flexible, you can have a friend provide tension on the parts by pressing them away from each other to create more space to access the locking tab!


Regrettably we cannot offer custom sizing on our products.

Some of our arbors with a flat-top style can be modified to a narrower width.

Arched or round top styles cannot be modified.

Please reach out to our customer service team if you have questions about your specific model.

Painting our products is possible, however it is not recommended as it will void the product warranty.

If you decide to paint your Vita product, we suggest using an outdoor spray paint suitable to cover all types of materials (such as Krylon Fusion) which can be found at your local hardware store.

Our wood products come pre-stained from our manufacturing facility using a warm, water-based and food safe stain.

You can stain your product year to year with the product and color of your choice but regrettably we do not have a specific color match to recommend.

As a reminder, products damaged as a result of painting or staining are not covered under your product warranty and should be done at your own discretion.


The arbors that are compatible with the Vita Cottage Picket Gate are:

  • Fairfield
  • Fairfield Deluxe
  • Nantucket Legacy
  • Nantucket Deluxe

Please note: it is recommended that you add pressure treated wood inside the posts of your arbor to support the gate accessory (wood sold separately).

Our available accessories are designed specifically for Vita products and we do not recommend adding off the shelf pieces to your Vita kit as we can't guarantee that they will be compatible for various reasons.

Please check the individual accessory pages for information on product compatibility.

In general, we don't recommend adding additional items such as hanging baskets, swings, ceiling fans, heaters or light fixtures. Vita will always only recommend that you install our products with the recommended accessories but if you have an idea you would like some advice on, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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