Yes, it is possible to remove an incorrect spindle past the locking tab.

Apply some pressure with a flat head screwdriver with a back and forth motion and that should release the tab.

Concrete surface mounting is not a mounting option we support. It is possible using an off the shelf surface mount bracket from your local hardware store. 

We recommend installing your arbor on level exposed ground. 

No, you are unable to use our Bolt Down Bracket system to secure our arbors. We recommend using provided ground stakes, purchased pressure treated wood, or our Post Extension Kit accessories. 


We do not do any custom work. 

Yes, you can stain your wooden arbor. 


The arbors that are compatible with the Cottage Picket Gate are: Fairfield, Fairfield deluxe, Nantucket Legacy, Nantucket Deluxe and Westchester.

No, you can not add a swing to any of our products.

Yes, you can add additional accessories. Arbor accessories include Trim Kits, Cottage Picket Wings, and the Cottage Picket Gate. 


To clean your arbor, you can use your garden hose. You can also use an off the shelf outdoor cleaner (example: cleaner for patio furniture) if there is mildew build up.

For stubborn stains, try the Mr. Clean magic eraser or “Bar Keepers Friend” found at your local big box retailer.


For our white vinyl arbors, yes, they will look identical. For our composite and wooden arbors, the use of a natural material can vary on the appearance of the arbor. Structurally they will be identical, but the grain and knots of the wood will vary. 

Our arbors are available in White, Brown, Golden Brown cedar, and Charcoal cedar. 

The material is .135” thick (approx. 1/8th of an inch). 

Yes, you can grow climbing vines on your arbor. Consider the size of your arbor; a larger arbor can support heavier species, while a thinner arbor can support lighter species. 

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