Our raised beds are designed without a floor to allow your plants to grow deep roots down into the ground for the healthiest plants and to allow access to beneficial insects and earthworms.

We do not recommend placing your raised bed on a patio or deck for this reason; you could consider one of our elevated gardens or planters for these areas instead.

Raised beds are ideally placed in your garden or lawn on even, level ground where they will get lots of sun.

The majority of our Classic, Mezza and Urbana garden beds come with innovative posts that make for perfectly modular beds. This allows you to design and configure your own unique garden layout and size. Please check your garden bed has modular posts before purchase.

Many of our raised beds can be trimmed to a shorter length with a sharp circular saw. In order to shorten your garden bed board you will need to first trim the vinyl and then re-cut a channel to support the installation of the posts. Our customer service team has some great information on how to do this which includes the required cuts and measurements based on the product you are modifying.

Please reach out to us via the contact page for more information.

While our gardens are meant to be installed as a single bed, our Classic 4x4x11 Garden Beds in white can be stacked to make a taller garden if needed. It requires that you add metal rebar inside the posts to create stability which is to be purchased separately.

At this time the Classic 4x4x11 is the only model we currently carry that can be stacked.

Our Urbana and Mezza 4x4x11 garden bed cannot be stacked due to the smaller post size in those models.

A question as old as gardening! Any technique you use to keep out unwanted animals and critters will be dependent on your area (and on the critter!) but we have a few suggestions you can try: consider looking through our Vita product line for a solution like our 4x4 Garden Fence Panel accessory or our 8x12 Keyhole Composting Garden with Enclosure.

You can also lay down or bury some chicken wire underneath and around your raised bed to keep animals from burrowing in from below the garden.

We also have Elevated Gardens that help make access to your plants a little more challenging for some critters.

elevated gardens & planters

Our Classic and Urbana elevated gardens and planters are expertly designed to keep your soil and plants securely in place while allowing any excess water to drain naturally through the floorboards without creating a mess.

At any time, you can consider adding some inexpensive landscaping fabric (purchased separately) to the bottom and sides of the garden before you add soil for added protection if needed.

Please note: our Mezza Elevated Gardens will come with a liner included.

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