Inn of the Good Shepherd - Sarnia, Ontario

The Inn of the Good Shepherd is a local homeless shelter and food bank in our hometown. They run a "Mobile Food Market" program that distributes over 6000lbs of fresh produce into our local community per week.

Every year we donate the harvest from our team gardens in support of this wonderful project.

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Sanmen Youwei Library - China

Established in 2006, Sanmen Youwei Library is a rural non-for profit library that provides literacy education for local children. Nearly 900 readers attend the library on average per month. Our annual donation to the library is helping put the life changing gift of education into the hands of the neighbourhood's most underprivileged youth.

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Thrive - Kageyo, Rwanda

Thrive is an organization passionate about empowering people with the training and tools needed to sustainably grow an abundance of healthy, organic, disease-fighting foods for life. We partner with Thrive in Kageyo, Rwanda to hire James Mushinzimana, a full time Thrive employee who is currently delivering food education and helping families grow their own organic food. We will also provide seeds, tools and practical supplies for the ongoing development of the Life Garden Project in Kageyo. Over the next year, James and his team will create 40 new Life Garden projects that will produce over $320,000 in food per year.

You can partner with us by making your own contribution. Simply select your preferred wish and we'll send you regular updates on the impact you are creating!

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Stories from Rwanda

Enjoy some of the stories of the people we met and were able to serve on the Kageyo Gardens Project. We had the privilege of contributing to their lives and in every case they have positively affected us.