Our lamp posts are designed with a 3” universal collar that will fit any lamp fixture with a 3” fastener. 

Our lamp posts require a solid post with a 90-degree angle to securely install it. A round post will not support our installation properly. Our installation guide calls for a pressure treated wood 4x4.

Our lamp posts are designed with allowance space for wiring. 

Our 4x4 EZ Mount Lamp post comes with our EZ Mount system which allows for easy installation. This can be hammered into the ground to take the place of any pressure treated wood. 4X4 EZ MOUNT LAMP POST COMPATIBLE ONLY* 

The only difference between the 1-piece and 2-piece styles is the assembly. Structural integrity and durability are not affected by the different assemblies. 

VINYL: Vinyl products come with a 20 year warranty against material defects.

COMPOSITE: Composite products come with a 10 Year warranty against material defects.

WOOD: Wood products come with a 1 year warranty against material defects.

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