Many of our kits use what we call "Locking Tabs" to keep parts secured in place. These are the small square indentations you may see in the vinyl where two separate parts will come together for an installation.

It is possible to uninstall two parts that are locked together by inserting a flathead screwdriver or putty knife into the shared space and pressing the locking tab down before you ease the parts away from each other.

Pro Tip: vinyl is pretty flexible, you can have a friend provide tension on the parts by pressing them away from each other to create more space to access the locking tab!

We do not recommend adding any additional accessories to your trellis as it can create added weight and affect the installation. Please see our FAQ on adding accessories to your Vita product for more detailed information.

In some cases, especially in areas with high wind you might consider purchasing an additional bracket or fastener from your local hardware store for added support. We suggest an 'L' shaped bracket or similar.

Our trellises can absolutely be used to support your climbing veggies like cucumbers, pole beans, sugar snap peas and cherry tomatoes! We recommend avoiding anything too heavy like large squash but smaller varieties that need additional support are perfect.

Lightweight decorative annuals and perennials are a perfect addition to your home garden and are perfect for adding visual height to your garden.

Varieties like clematis, morning glory, passion flower or climbing roses work very well, just to name a few.

We recommend avoiding overly heavy or aggressive vines like wisteria or grape vines as they can quickly overtake the structure they are growing on and can damage your trellis.

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