The locking tabs are meant to keep your vinyl in place. It takes time, patience, and a bit of pressure with a flat head screwdriver to try to unlock the tab. 

We do not recommend attaching any shelves or items that will put extra pressure on your trellis. 

Vinyl will not heat up and burn your plants like metal. 

Vinyl is virtually maintenance free, guaranteed not to rot, crack, warp or turn yellow.

Perfect for training your climbing plants, providing privacy, defining a space, decorating a barren wall or fence and beautifying any area. 

Great for small spaces, easier harvesting, increased accessibility for gardeners 

Vertically grown plants are less affected by diseases 

Trellised plants use less water. Instead of watering an entire sprawling plant you can just water the base where the plant's roots are located. 

We recommend going to your local hardware store for a bracket that can be attached to your home.

Cucumbers, peas, squash, and pole beans are always looking to grab on to something. We do not recommend veggies that have heavy vines that could damage your trellis.  

Clematis, morning glory, honey suckle, jasmine, petunias, climbing roses, and trumpet vine, to name a few. We do not recommend plants that have heavy vines that could damage your trellis. 

To clean your trellis, you can use your garden hose. You can also use an off the shelf outdoor cleaner (example: cleaner for patio furniture) if there is mildew build up.

For stubborn stains, try the Mr. Clean magic eraser or “Bar Keepers Friend” found at your local big box retailer.

VINYL: Vinyl products come with a 20 year warranty against material defects.

COMPOSITE: Composite products come with a 10 Year warranty against material defects.

WOOD: Wood products come with a 1 year warranty against material defects.

Our trellises come pre-stained; However, you can re-stain as needed with the product of your choice from the hardware store. Our stains are all water based. 

The majority of our products are made from vinyl, composite or cedar wood.

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